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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 2:13 pm 

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Hey guys, it's the 2nd Skulls Malifaux for 2016 - complete with tasty food treats!

Sunday 13th November, from 9:30am until 5:45pm

South Perth Civic Centre, corner of South Tce and Sandgate St, South Perth

$30 for the day, or $25 for Outpost 6030 or Club Westgamer Members.
Note that if you attend an Outpost 6030 event on both days of the weekend,
you will qualify for a $5 discount on one event!
Entry is payable in person at an Outpost 6030 Club night, or by direct deposit;

Name: Outpost 6030 Incorporated
BSB: 036 069
Acc #: 603621
Please include your name and “Malifaux” in the reference details.

• For the event, players will be playing a single faction with 1-2 fixed lists.
- Before the event, players build one or two 45SS lists, one of which they select for each game on the day.
- Crew lists can contain the same models and even the same Master, but must be from the same declared Faction (eg. you can’t take Resurrectionist-Nicodem and Guild-McMourning for your two lists)
- You can choose to bring only one list and use just that one every game if you want. Likewise you can bring two lists but only use one of them during the tournament.
• A copy of your crew list/s must be submitted to the Tournament Organiser when you sign in on the day
• There will be four games played with predetermined deployment, strategies and schemes (below).
• Before the game you do not need to show your opponent your available lists until you have both chosen which to take for the match. However you do need to declare which Faction you’re using, as per the Encounter rules in Chapter 4 of the Malifaux Rules Manual.
• There is currently a 20 player cap on the event, so get in fast!

• Players are not required to bring a fully painted crew, although the models must at least be assembled!
• HOWEVER, there will be a competition for the best painted crews. To be eligible all models in your selected crews must be fully painted to a 3-colour minimum and at least based in some fashion (eg. sand and/or flock would be sufficient).
• If any part of your crews were not painted by you, you will not be eligible for the best painted award.

• Players are allowed to represent their models with “proxies” from other miniature companies and/or converted models. However the model used must clearly represent the character they’re substituting, and must not be at risk of causing confusion to your opponent (eg. no using a Death Marshall as a Guild Guard).
• The Tournament Organiser reserves the right to disqualify, on the day, any models he feels does not meet the above criteria. If you are unsure, please contact me or if all else fails, have the “official” model available to use in-game should the proxy prove inappropriate!

Event Schedule
9:30-9:50 Sign in
10:00 - 12:10 Game 1
12:10 - 12:50 Lunch - Sausage Sizzle
Present crew/s for Judge’s scoring
12:50 - 3:00 Game 2
3:15 - 5:25 Game 3
5:25 – 5:45 Awards & Close

What to Bring
• 1-2 50SS crews (plus any models potentially required for summoning)
• Two copies of your list/s (one for the organiser, one to show your opponent).
• Malifaux Rulebook and up to date Stat Cards for ALL of your models
• A copy of the latest FAQ/Errata
• A Fate Deck or Poker Deck
• Measuring tape
• At least five 30mm Scheme Markers
• Any other Counters, Markers or Tokens appropriate to your crew.
• Money for lunch, drinks and snacks

Players are encouraged to bring thematic Malifaux dishes to be shared amongst the tournament during lunchtime. The Community Centre has a kitchen with a full range of amenities – please notify the TO in advance if you intend to bring food and it requires some form of preparation. Bringing food will give that player a bonus 3 points towards their sportsmanship score.

Winners and Prizes!
After each game, players will gain 3, 1 or 0 “Tournament Points” (TPs)for a Win, Loss or Draw. TPs will be used to determine the overall winner, with the VP differential (ie. won/lost by +/- X VPs) and total VPs being used in that order for any required tie-breakers. For more details, see the 2016 Gaining Grounds document on the Wyrd website.

The prize pool will depend on the turnout for the event, but basically, I’m hoping to at least hand out awards for;
Best Overall (Highest TP)
Best Painted (As voted by your peers, must have painted your crew yourself, nominated judge to break ties.)
Best Sportsman (As voted by your peers, with a 1-3 ranking provided by each player at the end of the day. 3 bonus points will be awarded to each player bringing a dish of food.

An official Wyrd event pack has been purchased for the tournament, and every entrant will get an official scrip token, with other prizes available dependent on numbers.

Contact Details
For questions or comments, please contact me (Dave) through any
of the following channels;
Westgamer: cegorach
Mobile: 0420 440 921

This information is available in the Player's Pack which can be found here ... .docx?dl=0

The Strategies and Schemes used on the day are from the official Gaining Grounds 2016 document, available through the official Wyrd website via the following link: ...

Printouts of the relevant pages will be available for each table on the day but players are strongly suggested to download them and read them beforehand.

Strategies and Schemes
Game 1
Deployment: Standard
Strategy: Collect the Bounty
Convict Labor
Leave your mark
Exhaust their forces
Detonate the Charges
Catch and release

Game 2
Deployment: Flank
Strategy: Interference
Convict Labor
Take Prisoner
Hunting Party
Covert breakthrough
Search the ruins

Game 3
Deployment: Close
Strategy: Extraction
Convict Labor
Show of force
Leave Your Mark
Public Demonstration

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