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PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 2:15 pm 

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Before the Storm: Retribution
Imperial spies have located a forward Rebellion flight base, from which Rebels pilots have launched numerous raids on the Empire. A time of retribution is upon them…
Join the Empire in bringing Imperial Justice the Rebels, or assist in the rear-guard action by the Rebel Alliance in this Unique-centric grudge match.
General Details

- The event will be run on Tuesday the 6th of September.
- The event is to be held at the South Perth Community Hall, Como, corner of South Tce and Sandgate St.
- Opening time is 7.15pm; game must start by 7.45 sharp at the latest – anyone not ready will unfortunately not be able to participate (sorry, tight timeframe - have your kits ready to go!).

Preparation and Setup

The mission is a straight up Team vs Team dogfight. It will be played on a 3’ by 6’ map (2 mats). The GM will place 12 obstacles. Imperials will have the initiative.

Players are to each build 75 point squadrons of at least two (2) ships with a single (1) declared unique pilot or unique upgrade within the list.

A generic PS4 Aggressor Template will be provided on Westgamer for Scum Faction players to utilise.

People must sign up for this event so we can balance forces (no blow-ins unfortunately). They must declare which faction they are playing (Imperial, Rebel or Scum) as well as the Single Unique name they are going to utilise (first in, best dressed). This helps make sure don’t have situations where Boba Fett is flying a Firespray and crewing on another ship, etc.

Scum forces will be assigned as Mercenaries to either side of the conflict by the GM on the night (GM will also play as a ringer as required with a Scum force of their own).

When people sign up, we would also like to know if any individuals are happy to switch to an opposing force if we need to balance out teams, and thus would like to nominate a secondary choice,

ie Judy Smith (Primary: Imperial – Vader; Secondary: Scum – Cloaking Device)

Victory Conditions

At 10pm, the current turn will be declared the final turn, and will be played to its conclusion.

Most points wins the battle.

Closing Shots

The cost of entry to the event is standard club entry - $4 for members and $7 for non-members.

There will be an attendees list drawn up here on Westgamer; people who have selected the 'going' response on the facebook invite will be transcribed here, as well as others who have responded in other ways in order to balance teams. Unfortunately due to the nature of this event (balancing teams and making sure Unique cards, are, Unique), we cannot have Blow-ins on the night, so secure your position fast!.

Final flight orders will be provided on the night. If you have any questions, PM me or comment.

The final of three events, Retribution is part Outpost 6030's Before the Storm series for X-wing Miniatures. Keep your frequencies open for other transmissions regarding Before the Storm events.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 2:19 pm 

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Flight Roster

1. Gavin British (Primary: Scum - Boba Fett)
2. Spiv (Primary: Imperial - Rexlar Brath)
3. Eckythump (Primary: Rebels - Hera)
4. teddles22 (Primary: Scum - IG-88A)
5. Gavin Aussie (Primary: Imperial - The Countess (Ryad?))
6. Richard (Primary: Rebels - ?)

Ringer – Phil Bradder (Primary: Scum - Dengar)

Reserve List

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 2:21 pm 

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Rules to be used for Aggressor Starfighters (IG-2000 Expansion Pack):

Pilot Skill 4 “Droid Fighter” – 30 points

Has access to:
2 Cannon hardpoints,
1 System hardpoint,
1 Bomb hardpoint
1 Illicit hardpoint and
1 Modification hardpoint

No Elite Pilot Talent Hardpoint and clearly no 'unique' ability in itself - but you could use IG-2000 titles with a Unique Aggressor.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2016 12:54 pm 

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Hi Folks,

Already looking like a great night with at least 3 on each side, but we have room for more.

Jump on in and let me know what you will bring!

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