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PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 7:20 pm 

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Hey all.
So I dont side track the UWFB feedback and discussions thread, I thought Id start a battle reports thread for game break downs for EVERYONE that attended.
If you have a yarn to tell, please post it below.

My Army List;
General of the Empire on Griffon. Full Plate Armour, Lane, Charmed Shield. Bloodroar - 311
Lvl 3 Wizard Lord on Luminark - 285

Captain of the Empire BSB. Full Plate, Helm of the Skaven Slayer, Dawnstone - 133
Witch Hunter with a Brace of Pistols - 55
Master Engineer with Pigeon Bombs and an Enchanted Shield - 91
Warrior Priest on Barded Horse with a Great Weapon, Heavy Armour and Dragonhelm - 98

47 Empire Spearmen with Shields and Full Command - 312
10 Crossbowmen - 90
9 Inner Circle Knights with Great Weapons, a Musician and a Standard with the Wailing Banner - 295

5 Pistoliers with a Musician - 100
4 Demigryph Knights with a Musician and a Standard with the Gleaming Pendant - 257

Helblaster Volley Gun - 120
Steam Tank - 250

I'll start with my Game One report against Jed.
Meeting Engagement.
Jed set up first and deployed everything, while I managed to roll ones for my Demigryph Knights, Luminark and my Inner Circle Knights, delaying them and having them start in reserve.
However, I managed to roll a 6 for first turn.
My First turn was mediocre. My Lumiark entered the game so I had Magic Defence for Jed's first turn, and my Spearmen block was boosted by Light of Battle so Jed's Hellcannon wouldn't make them run away. The Luminark itself took three of the Chimera's four wounds off of it with the 'laser'. My shooting was fairly poor, My Helblaster Volley Gun removing maybe 6 or 8 Marauders from the unit, which were Slannesh and took no Panic check. The Pistoliers and Crossbowmen teamed up to kill a small Chaos Hounds unit while my Steam Tank went to cannon the Warshrine but it passed its Ward Save. Nothing exciting happened.
Jed Used some warhounds to shield his Chimera from the incoming Steam Tank, his Marauder bunker hid in a building and his Slannesh wizard made my Pistoliers flee. Not a great deal more happened than that.
My Steam Tank plowed into the 5 Chaos Hounds that stood infront of it, killing them all with its stupid amount of impact hits and panicking the Chimera towards the Board edge. The Knights came onto the board and moved towards the Hellcannon. The Pistoliers rallied. Not a great deal more occurred, except that the Spearmen were once again protected by Light of Battle.
Jed's Chimera failed to rally and fled off the board, so the Hellcannon charged the Steam Tank. Not much more really happened?
TURN 3-4
The Knights and my General eventually engaged the Hellcannon as support for the Steam Tank in Turn 4. While that is happening, the marauders leave the safety of the building with the Slannesh Sorcerer. Seeing this, I bring my Demigryphs onto the table to threaten their flanks. My Witch Hunter and Master Engineer die, and I do no real amounts of damage to Jed's army.
TURN 5 (last Turn - no time for turn 6)
I focus all of my firepower onto the exposed Marauders - The Pistoliers, Crossbowmen and Helblaster Volley Gun, as well as some magic manage to kill all but one of the bastards. This last model is holding onto nearly 300points :( At the End of the turn, The Helcannon is killed, but my Knights are now going to get rear charged by a unit of 6 Trolls.
The Trolls promptly squash my knights, forcing them to flee and be killed. However, it was Jed's magic phase that changed the game. He cast (Whatever the name of the Slannesh spell that forces the target to take Leadership checks on 3D6 is called) on my General, after he had just mopped up the Helcannon. I failed to dispell this by 1 single point, and the next spell, Slicing Shards (I remembered that name) proceeded to apply almost 25 hits, killing him and his Griffon. For this mess up with Dispelling, I cost myself 411points.
Final Tally - a Win to Jed by 430points. Tough pill to swallow losing the general on the last turn and not killing that last Marauder, but Jed picked the right target at the right time for a good win to him. Well Done

If you have any Battle Reports from the event, or some sweet pictures to throw up here, please do so!

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 8:54 pm 
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Watching the tail end of that game made me want to play fantasy again.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 12:15 pm 
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Great battle report Scoju. I felt your pain on the last turn!

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:00 pm 

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I have done a series of battle reports with diagrams over on wargamerAU (trying to spreat the word of anti magic)

Link below for any that are interested ... pic=160566

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