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PostPosted: Sat Oct 26, 2013 7:22 pm 
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I took Feora2 and Harbinger yet again.

Game 1, I played Grapeshot. Harbinger vs. Cassius. Game was a total grind. Trip Stalker and feat on the zone is kinda bad for Protectorate. lol. The longest and hardest game ever. Turn 3-4 I snagged a CP. And started screaming for dice down. It didn't come and I got out-attritioned. If it was called 20 seconds earlier, game would have been mine.

Doing okay!

Now martyring myself down to 1. =(

Game 2, I played Dan. Feora2 vs. Stryker2. Dan totally surprised me with this HUUUUUUUGE freaking diagonal charge past my Judge and tried to Energizer into Feora. Jesus was standing next to the Judge and he was out of range by 0.25". JESUS SAVES. Stryker got headbutted by a Judge and died. I don't play against Cygnar enough.

Game 3, I played Jarred. Feora2 vs. Nemo3. I had first turn, Jarred left a 1.5" gap between his two huge bases, so my jacks shot Nemo to death.

Game 4, was Mark Ravi. Ravyn vs. Feora2. Judge ran up the center, set things on fire. Mark took some potshots at it. Discordia popped for his +DEF/ARM vs. guns and no blast thingy, covering like 50% of his army. Reckoners did some damage to Discordia. Feora charges my Mechanik, feats, gets 7 focus and applies the fire to 6 (from 8) MHSF and Aiyana. They burn to death. He then slamcannons the Templar blocking LOS to Feora, starts an assassination run and realizes she's 15/26. Ravyn goes nuts trying to kill the Judge and fails. She gets headbutted and dies. Mark seemed reaaaaaaaaally unimpressed.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 26, 2013 8:12 pm 
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Played Dan
Phaley vs phaley
He went first so I half advanced and baited his feat out early then counter feated and killed Haley after ruining his army.

Played Nic
Estryker vs cassius
Nic tried trading heavies and his dice cost him, won out on the attrition in the end, Gorman blinded one stalker 3 times.

Played Nic Chapman
Estryker vs family reunion.

Hard game as lots of high arm and wound infantry. Incursion middle flag disappeared and I got 2 points early then ran Stryker to the opposite flag over two rounds and got the remaining points to seal it. Otherwise Nic would have got me good.

Played Aza
Phaley vs gun troll canine

Awesome game, best of the day. Came down to an awesome feat turn followed by a good rebuttal by Aza but he ignored stormwall to go for scenario and dice down so I countered with same and camped to prevent the assassination and won on scenario but got the kill cause he didn't transfer by choice as it was over.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 6:58 am 
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Yeah I do apologise if I seemed a little grumpy over the course of the day, it's been a reeaaally long two weeks and I'm mostly just annoyed wit myself that I've been too busy with uni to get any practise in.

In other news, my phone died in the night. Zz.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:34 pm 
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Locked and new posts moved to the Ultimate Warmachine Aftermath thread. (to keep things together post-event)

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